Kingdom of the Royal Wami House

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Kingdom of the Royal Wami House
The Wami House Flag
Founding0 GU (SY 3197)
Organizational StructureMonarchy Kingdom
CalendarGU (Grand Unification)
LanguageRegional Dialects

The Kingdom of the Royal Wami House, officially called the Wami Kingdom, is a sovereign stellar empire spanning seven distinct star systems with eleven inhabited worlds. The state came into being following Global Unification, restarting the empire's calendar. Global Unification was instigated by the international council following first contact with the Dahl. The Dahl would eventually be subjugated by the Wami Kingdom, providing their first interstellar conquest.


With the Global Unification, all eight Lords of the Dominate Domains agreed to swear fealty to the Wami House, recognizing their superior regional strength and existing colony on the planets sole satellite, Kyloc. Of the eight Lords, one was banished to exile. The other seven were promised semi-autonomy to rule stellar regions under the authority of the Wami House. Stars with known habitual worlds were assigned to each Lord, and plans were made to conquer the Dahl Empire. After a decade of cold relations, the Dahl made a preemptive strike against Kyloc, and the Wami Kingdom initiated their plans of conquest.

The Dahl War was fought from 18GU til 23GU and cost over 200,000 lives. The following occupation of Da-hoon saw a generation pass before native Dahl referred to themselves as Wammites and not Dahl. No organized resistance to the occupation ever materialized, despite strong rhetoric from members of the former Dahl upper class.

Acquisition of the other six star systems occurred between 50GU and 72GU utilizing advanced colonization and transit technology seized from the Dahl. Of the six colonies, only one found intelligent life, and the Bronze Age population formed a sub-servant social class known as the Amites. Despite their social class, many Amites found work and opportunity throughout the Kingdom - with numerous key individuals rising above their station to hold higher office over the years.

In the year 99GU, a Wami Kingdom picket was intercepted and seized. An unknown vessel claimed responsibility and extorted a heavy tax in raw material from the local Lord in exchange for the crews safe return. Later, a war fleet of the same empire arrived in that system and took control of a telluric mining world.

The occupation was ultimately lifted when the invading fleet withdrew rather than fight the Kingdom's relief fleet that arrived in the system. The remaining foreign nationals on the ground were questioned, tried, and executed for crimes against the Kingdom. Following this interaction a quasi-war began between the Wami Kingdom and the Neupert Prefecture. Both nations overlooked small fleet engagements, privateers, and piracy in an effort to avoid an all-out war.

Finally, in 108GU, the Wami Kingdom identified a series of systems that bordered Neupert Prefecture space, and ordered their Royal Expeditionary Fleet forward in conquest.