Neupert Prefecture

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Unified Worlds of the Neupert Prefecture
The Neupert Prefecture
FoundingSY 2625
Organizational StructureUnitary Parliament
CalendarSY (Skywatch Year)

The Unified Worlds of the Neupert Prefecture, officially referred to as the Neupert Prefecture, are the last remnants of the once mighty Rhyno Confederacy which laid claim to over half the galaxy before an internal power struggle caused a galaxy spanning collapse. The Neupert Prefecture was the only regional authority to maintain the same power structure and leaders through the Rhyno Confederacy Civil War.


The Neupert race originates from Tahakomolo, a small world orbiting a gas giant. When discovered by the Rhyno Confederacy, they were selected from their Industrial Age growth for elevation to a ruling class for their long lifespans. A large gene pool of Neupert’s were relocated to a nearby habitable world which was named Newport.

The long-lived Neupert’s learned the history of the Confederacy and were collectively given a larger territory to administer over the next millennium. When the Civil War erupted, the prefecture under command by the Neupert’s, known as a Katchi District stayed loyal to the Confederacy and provided a strong base of operations for loyalist vessels.

When Skywatch fell, capital of the Rhyno Confederacy, the last Councilor of the Confederation conferred a legal and full independence of the Neupert Prefecture. It was a largely ceremonial gesture as the entire Confederate base had eroded to a point of obsolescence.

Over the next hundred years, several short-lived pretenders attempted to reunify the old Confederate territory under a new banner. Each time the Neupert Prefecture declared war, maintaining an active resistance against any claims to the Rhyno’s legacy.

On the sesquicentennial of the fall of the Confederacy, a former backwater world won a surprise victory against the Rew Confederacy, laying claim to several of their colonies as terms for the armistice. This victory, scored by the Rogers Republic introduced a paradigm shift as they held free and open elections on the colonial worlds.

One of the worlds, Ty elected to join the Neupert Prefecture, resulting in rising tension between the new Rogers Republic and the Neupert Prefecture.


Members of the original culled gene seed are still alive, and hold the original Rhyno traditions as a cult like fanatic.