Rew Confederacy

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The Free Confederate Colonies
Post-exile Rew Flag
Founding0FCC (SY 2620)
Organizational StructureConfederation-in-exile, functionally a Naval Despotism
CalendarFCC (Free Colonies Calendar)
FateCurrently a government-in-exile from the Rogers Republic

Founded as the Rew Colonial Resistance in SY 2615 by union members as a quasi-political movement. Embraced by the Nine-star League and co-opted as the ruling authority in SY 2620. Victors of the Rhyno Confederacy Civil War, the Confederation would eventually succumb to it's own internal stuggle, ending with the mostly peaceful political usurpation by the Rogers Republic.

The Rew Confederacy still operates as a tactile government-in-exile living off the goodwill of the Rogers Republic's adversaries. The Rew Confederacy Navy was instrumental in assisting the Ma'tens Junta revolution.


Early meetings saw local unions as agitators against the increasing centralization of the Rhyno Confederacy, however their message was embraced by the larger Nine-star League. The Rew resistance gained its largest supporter when Admiral Jacob Masters sided with the resistance. His charisma and leadership brought many within his own fleet as well as defectors from other fleets to their cause. After their victory over the Rhyno Confederacy in the Rhyno Confederacy Civil War, the Nine-star League established the Free Confederate Colonies, back-dating their founding to the year 0FCC.

Over the next 250 years, the Rew Confederacy struggled to maintain the shaky alliance that held together its authority. The central league failed to pass any meaningful legislation, and internal fighting amongst worlds led to a fractured state with several internal border wars.

In 230FCC (SY 2850), a quasi-federal Navy was proposed, leading to the strong backlash by the Rew colony. The assassination of Chancellor Be'tok Manor was leaked by news outlets to have been ordered by the Rew administrator.

Following the assassination of their representative, and acting Chancellor, the the Rogers Family homestead began the legal process of secession. In the process they authored the Open Source Constitution, distributing it to all member worlds.

In a fortnight, the weak central league was inundated with process applications of secession by member colonies.

Over the course of the next 20 years, the Confederacy was dismantled from the inside-out in a mostly peaceful voted exodus out of the Confederacy. With only a few member colonies left to face the new Rogers Republic, the Rew Confederacy declared war in attempt to save face. The stated objective of the war was to demonstrate the weakness of a Republic's will to fight.

The war backfired, as several member colonies refused to commit their navies to the defense of Rew. The Republic war machine was vicious, and ruthlessly occupied Rew, bombarding much of the planet from orbit and turning it into a harsh penal colony.

Following the glassing of Rew, the Republic Navy quickly turned against the remaining confederate colonies. The naval strikes swept aside the smaller navies, and the remaining colonies capitulated quickly.


The surviving navies of the Rew Confederation evacuated as much of their wealth and upper class as they could, hoping to prevent reprisals and plan their eventual vengeance for the scourging of their colonies.

Initially the government took refuge in the Wall Sector, but when the Neupert Prefecture authorized the Rogers Republic to claim territories, they were forced to flee once again.

Finding a home amongst the Nothonian Enclaves proved to be incredibly beneficial as they disliked the Rogers Republic and were open to supporting a subversive element.

Supporting the Ma'tens

As the Ma'tens people sought support for their was of independence, the Rew Confederacy came to their aide and brought much needed cash infusions from the Nothonian Enclave they were staying with.

The Rew Navy operated against the Rogers Republic, notably winning the decisive Battle of Atar's Moon. The Rew Navy and the Nothonian Navy were instrumental in tying up the Rogers Navy across known space - keeping Astachill from simply being bombarded into submission.

Following the Ma'tens victory, the Rew established a powerful fleet base in system and a large expeditionary force on the ground.